Professor Raphael Mechoulam, PhD “Addiction: Towards Discovery of an Endogenous Anti-Addiction Mechanism” blog post by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, PhDFaculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Member, Israel Academy of Science Until recently, addiction was assumed to be mainly a psychological state. Now it is believed that it represents a central nervous system disease. George Koob, an eminent researcher in the addiction field, states in his book on […]

Professor Mechoulam… “Incense: Religious Viagra to TRPV3 Activator” blog post by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, PhDFaculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Member, Israel Academy of Science Incense burning was a central ceremony in the religious and cultural life of many – probably most or even all – ancient tribes and nations in the Middle East.  In ancient Egypt incense burning signified a manifestation […]

Professor Esther Shohami, PhD……….”Cannabinoids and Traumatic Brain Injury” blog post by Professor Esther Shohami, PhD Institute for Drug Research, School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Traumatic brain injury (TBI), resulting from sport, battlefield, falls, motor vehicle accidents and  domestic violence injuries, affects millions of people worldwide each year and is a leading cause of death and disability among all age groups (1). […]

Doctor Block……..”A Physician Botanist’s Insight to Cannabis species: The Naming of Plants and Products” blog post by Jeffrey S. Block, M.D. Founder, Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants UF/IFAS Master Gardener (Miami-Dade County) UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project Advisory Committee Cannabis sativa – One plant, Many crops Despite its cultivation as a source of food, fiber and medicine, and its global status as the most frequently used illicit drug, plants in the […]

Meredith Fisher-Corn, MD……..”Are You Able to Answer Your Patients’ Medical Marijuana Questions”

Written by Dr. Meredith Fisher-Corn, MD, Editor-in-Chief at Are you able to answer your patients’ medical marijuana questions? Well, if your answer is ‘no,’ you are definitely not alone. As reviewed in a recent Forbes article, “a study of more than 400 health care professionals has revealed that most physicians lack knowledge of medicinal cannabis, with 65% saying […]

Doctor Block….”Nurturing Nature: A Contemporary Clinician’s Insight” blog post by Jeffrey S. Block, M.D.Founder and President – Nurturing Nature® Plants and Animals Have Co-Evolved Comparing botanical medicines with plant substances As our ancestors evolved in prehistoric times, healers were depended upon as horticultural botanists. If they did not understand how to keep plants alive, healers would have lost their formulary and most certainly […]