New York State Practitioner Education - Medical Use of Marijuana Course
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The Medical Use of Marijuana in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Gerich et al. recently summarized the data supporting the use of marijuana for digestive disorders (1). The authors' tentative positive attitude to clinical use of marijuana is based on published evidence from patients with gastrointestinal disorders that self medicate with marijuana and on the clinical trials published so far. However, the authors emphasize that at present the clinical data is limited and hence 'clinical efficacy of marijuana or its constituent phytochemicals for digestive disorders remains unclear'. This module will review the rationale for the use of cannabis in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and the available clinical evidence for the use of cannabis in treatment of IBD and associated symptoms.


Editors' Note: Medical cannabis has become an important area of study in healthcare. Doctors and healthcare professionals must understand the medical, legal, social and political issues to best respond to their patients’ questions and attend to their needs. This content area is not intended to encourage or dissuade the use of medical cannabis, but has been created to provide a balanced portrayal of the research in this area.


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