Cannabis Care Certification

Welcome to the Continuing Medical Education Section of the Cannabis Care Certification (CCC) Program for Medical Professionals.

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Your course can be found under "Study Now" in the "Medical Education Library" at: Medical Marijuana - Medical, Legal, Social and Political Issues

Instructions for navigating the course and obtaining your CME certificate can be downloaded here.

The content and its presentation are designed to be of educational value and interest for those new to medical cannabis, as well as for those with years of experience in this area of clinical care.

The Cannabis Care Certification Program includes:

  • "Cannabis Care Certification" awarded to those who fulfill the certifying requirements and successfully complete the academic course, distinguishes that clinician as one dedicated to developing expertise in cannabis care.
  • The ability to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, including Risk Management.
  • Full access to TheAnswerPage’s entire Medical Cannabis Library with updates for 12 months.
  • Free access to over 100 syllabus topics in TheAnswerPage’s medical library on opioid prescribing, pain medicine, palliative care, perioperative medicine, anesthesiology, hospital medicine and medical statistics.
  • Full access to the "CCC Patient and Caregiver" suite of educational videos, including the Endocannabinoid System; Cannabis 101; Cannabis Research and Clinical Data; Cannabis-based Medicines; Choosing Your Medicine: Potency, Delivery Methods, and Dosage; Obtaining Medicine; Safely Using, Storing and Transporting Medical Cannabis; Medical Cannabis in Your Life; History of Medical Cannabis.
  • A personal CME account at at MyCME:
  • An option to be listed on the CCC referral section of the website.

The program also provides resources for medical professionals including:

  • Current information on state-by-state requirements for recommending medical cannabis.
  • Overview of federal laws and memos concerning medical professionals and cannabis.
  • Educational material for patients